New Traditional Jewellery 2012























New Traditional Jewellery 2012

International design contest and exhibition

New Traditional Jewellery 2012: international design contest and exhibition.

For the 2012 design contest and exhibition the professional jury of New Traditional Jewellery (NTJ)has chosen the theme

『NEW NOMADS』because both literally and figuratively this theme offers many possibilities for inspiration.

The history of jewellery is as old as mankind. While people went in search of parts with the best living conditions they carried

their valuables with them, wearing them on their bodies. Jewellery that represents economic and social status, as it still does

nowadays in the case of nomadic tribes.

The dissemination of religions went hand in hand with an unprecedented range of religious jewellery and ornaments, ranging

from small containers for religious texts to reliquaries and portable altars.

To this day, jewellery made of stable materials like gold and gems is the guarantee for your ‘ticket home’ in times of crises or

when you have to flee from high-risk areas. Due to the global financial crisis prices of this so-called ‘flight gold’ have skyrocketed.

Is there an alternative?

Nowadays there are quite different streams of migrants but the principle is the same: people in search of parts with better living

conditions. The whole world is on the move, from refugees to tourists, from emigrants to employees of multinationals. And you

don’t even have to get up from your chair: Skype e.g. has made videoconferencing into a social medium.

NTJ asks contemporary professional jewellery designers to build bridges between the traditional jewellery of e.g. nomads, pilgrims,

explorers, globetrotters, refugees or colonists and possible symbols bearers representing the mobility of the 『NEW NOMADS』.

Check the attachments for conditions and criteria.

On behalf of the technical jury, the executive committee of the jury and NTJ wishes all participants much inspiration and success!

Astrid Berens, director SIERAAD & Isabella van den Bos, chair Foundation Art in Business.


インターナショナル デザインコンテスト&展示のお知らせ

2012年のテーマは”New Nomads”意味は“新しい遊牧民”です。





難民、植民地開拓者などと“新しい遊牧民”を表現するシンボルを創り出し、その架け橋になっていただき、作品を制作していただき たいと考えています。




The group of potential contestants is distinguished into two categories:

Category A : established jewellery artists and silverdesigners

Category B : final-year and advanced students of all art academies and fourth-level students of the gold

and/or silversmith disciplines of training colleges, or comparable levels of part time educationor evening classes

*Each participant may submit only one finished piece of jewelleryThe ornament should be wearable

*The designs may not have been exhibited before nor seen/sold by third parties. Only ornaments made

* specifically for this contest will be eligible for nomination.

* Apart from the design the participant is also expected to supply an explanation of the underlying idea,

* an inspirational text (no more than 15 lines) and a photograph of the source of inspiration, high resolution

(330dpi, min. 15 x 15 cm)

* All nominated designs will remain in the possession of the organization during all exhibitions and will  not be returned

for the duration(2.5years at the most)



A: プロのデザイナー(→CCフリーコース等で企業デザイナーの場合は対象です)


(→2012年度 INST4年生は対象です)または、それと同等のレベルのパートタイム、夜間コースの学生






自分の作品のアイデアを15行以内で英文で説明し、そのアイデアの源となった写真(解像度330, 15㌢×15㌢)を提出する事







<Submitting the design >

*Fully completed registration form by email before 1 June 2012

* Payment of registration fee; before 1 June 2012

*Fully completed design form by email before 1 June 2012

* By handing in the design form the contestant assures the organization of having designed and made

*the design himself/herself and that he/she has not submitted the designs to other design contests or offered them for sale.

*Fully completed design + registration form by regular mail together with the design to be in our possession between :

Monday June 25. – Saturday July 8. 2012

*Registration fee €39.00 per person payable to Rabobank 32 85 05 420 | IBAN: NL31RABO 03285054 20 – BIC CODE RABO NL2U /




*登録〆切 2012年 6月1日以前

*登録料の支払い〆切 2012年 6月1日以前  ※送金に時間がかかるので事前に銀行へ要問い合わせ

*2012年 6月1日以前に『Design form(デザインフォーム)』に記入しメールで送信する

*2012年 6月25日〜7月8日に必着で作品と『Registration form(登録用紙)』を郵送する

*登録料39ユーロの振込先:Rabobank 32 85 05 420 | IBAN: NL31RABO 03285054 20 – BIC CODE RABO NL2U /OR PAYPAL




Each design submitted must be properly packed, in such a way that the packing material can also be used for the return shipment.

Should you be interested in a return shipment of your entry, the name of the sender must be clearly stated on the package..

Entries that do not reach us in time will not be accepted and there will be no restitution of the € 39.00 registration fee.

If these conditions are not met the entry will not be submitted to the jury and your entry will not be returned to you.






Forwarding address(送り先住所):

EMB&B Art Events, NEW TRADITIONAL JEWELLERY 2010, Leersumseberg 28, 3825 EC Amersfoort The Netherlands



Participants from non-EU countries should take into account that delivery by post may take around 5 weeks.

On the parcels there should be a specification such as: design for contest, present, value below €15 or of no commercial value.

The shipping costs for the entry must be paid by the submitting party; they must also be exempt from import duties and customs charges.





Insurance and Liability

All entries are to be insured by the participants themselves. Participation in the contest can only effected on the express condition

that the contestant himself/herself is liable for the loss and theft of or damage to his/her goods during transport and during the period

up to the exhibitions at the various locations.

The designs remain the property of the designers. The objects may, however, be used by the SIERAAD organization for the purpose of

publicity for the above mentioned activities. The designs remain in the possession of the organization


保険は各自で加入し負担して頂きます。応募作品を『SIERAAD』 で広告として使用する場合はありますのでご了承下さい。
























































■Registration form(登録用紙















































■Design form(デザインフォーム)